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Rat and Rodent Control Brisbane

From all pest problems such as bed bug control to mice elimination, we at Pest Control Brisbane are on hand, to move quickly and discreetly to get rid of your pests. If you’re suffering from a rat or rodent problem, give Pest Control Brisbane a call today for the best rodent control solutions! We have the knowledge, the technology and the skill to remove all pests regardless of species or density and population of current infestation.

Our Rat & Rodent Control Services


Locating, determining species and overall population


Removal or Eradication of the existing colonies of pests


Individualized plan for prevention of re-infestation
professional mouse control
Experts at Pest Control Brisbane are ready to respond if you think you have a rat or other infestation, call now, and we can take these worries off your hands. If any of the situations above have been evident at your home it is crucial that you call to begin proactive actions immediately such as getting rodent control services before any colonies double or triple in size.

Large colonies of rodents and other pests can wreak havoc on your building, whether it is your home or your business. Unless the colony is in it’s infancy containing only a handful of members, it is unlikely that an individual home or business owner could eradicate them without professional help. The business of rodent control and elimination can be extremely hard without industrial caliber equipment and supplies such as electronic rodent control devices.

Our specialties cover rodent control including rat and mouse removal/eradication, you can count on us to free your home or business from infestation.
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About Rats and Rodents

Do any of these situations sound familiar to you?

• Rustling sounds from the walls, ceiling or floorboards
• Dry goods in pantry getting nibbled open
• Rat or mouse droppings around your home
• Mysterious stains along sideboards or moldings
• High pitched noises in the night

If the any of the above situations are a familiar daily experience for you, it is highly likely that you have a rat or mouse infestation. Time is of the essence, hurry, call Pest Control Brisbane today for a rodent control and clear your home of potentially dangerous infestations of rodents.
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Rats and Rodents Potential Problems

Rodents are a far more serious problem than just an annoyance. Rodents taking up residence in your home or business can expose you to business losses and dangerous situations. Damages to your home or business from rodents includes, gnawed wiring (fire hazard), destroyed goods, (pantry or business inventory) is just a part of the dangers and risks you might expose yourself to by allowing an infestation to continue unchecked in your home or business.
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Rodents Connected Problems

Rodents can cause diseases, property damage, contamination and can carry with them other pests. Experts agree that rodents can carry a wide variety of pathogens, bacteria, and parasites. Hanta Virus, Hepatitis, Rabies, Lassa Fever and Salmonella are all diseases that can be directly transmitted by rodents. Any one of these diseases, if traced to being contracted in or around your business may also expose you to liability for medical bills and possibly for allowing a public health hazard to exist on your property.
While rodents were not responsible for Bubonic Plague outbreaks of history directly, rats transported the fleas that passed the plague on to people. Rats and mice move around your entire building at night, spreading feces, bacteria and pathogens as they go, making your entire building an unsafe place for family, customers or beloved pets. This behavior adds another property destruction method to the rodent resume. Call Pest Control Brisbane today to get same day appointment for inspection, rodent control report and eradication plan.

About Pest Control Brisbane

Do you think you might have rats, mice or other rodent infestation? Pest Control Brisbane and relief from infestation is only a phone call away. Our courteous, certified, bonded professional personnel are ready for rapid response and awaiting your call to provide rodent control services that you need.

Our mission is to diagnose specific pest control issues, inform the customer of the breadth and severity of the issue and assist you, the customer to make informed decisions to address your pest control or prevention issues specific to you. We continue to be a leader in pest control services in Brisbane and no challenge is too big or too small from Mice control to eliminating and eradicating rodent issues.
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