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The Brisbane area has a diverse population of animal life that make for a healthy ecosystem. However when creatures move into our homes and endanger our own health, safety, or the structure of our home, they become a pest. Locally owned and operated, Pest Control Brisbane has been in business in the Brisbane area for over 20 years, maintaining a reputation as a reliable, efficient, trustworthy and top-ranked pest control entity.

We are the experts in pest removal when it comes to termites, cockroaches, rats, mice and bedbugs and other pest and vermin you want eliminated from your residence or property.

Common Pests and Vermin in Brisbane


Fleas and flies are common worldwide, but infestation happens when a local population explodes and people and pets are overwhelmed with these annoying insects. These insects are not just irksome, they can carry lethal diseases and parasites such as bubonic plague, hepatitis, salmonella and roundworms.
We at Pest Control Brisbane have the training, knowledge and expertise to identify and remove and prevent infestation by flies and fleas. If you have fly or flea issue it is important to get a proper professional assessment of what species you have to deal so they can advise how best to control the fleas and flies in Brisbane and get rid and protect for the future.


What average folks call white ants are usually, but not always, termites. It is important to call a professional to get an initial inspection and definitive diagnosis of your specific infestation. At Pest Control Brisbane, we have specialized training and knowledge that affords us the opportunity to know our enemy. Once we can positively identify an species of pest, we have a great deal more tools to fight infestation. Call us today for all white ant control Brisbane solutions.


Bed bugs are a growing problem, worldwide. Our trained professionals can control bed bugs and eradicate these pesky creatures from your entire home within one day, using our specialized steam equipment that reaches temperatures of over 140 degrees.


Mice and rats in your home or business can carry disease , parasites, destroy inventory or stored pantry items, chew through wiring, cause damage to buildings and even scare customers away. Lethal and non-lethal methods can be employed for rodents according to your wishes and values, just let us know what you want. Take the worry of rats in your basement or mice in the attic off your mind, today, by turning it over to the Brisbane rodent control experts at Pest Control Brisbane.


These persistent, hardy insects live all over the world in environments that are very hot to arctic environments. Since they feed on decaying food stuff, they spread disease by spreading pathogens carried on their legs and antennae. Complete eradication of cockroaches is next to impossible without professional help. Call us now to talk about our treatment and cockroach control Brisbane service.


While spiders have not been known to spread disease or cause damage to structures, having an abundance of spiders may indicate that you have and abundance of the other insects that spiders eat in your home or business. If you want the roots of your spider infestation tracked down, explained and dealt with in a timely and discreet manner call Pest Control Brisbane today and book a professional inspection now. Before your home becomes a breeding ground for spiders and their food source, call us to talk about our treatment & spider control Brisbane service.
bee and wasp


These seemingly harmless, but pathogen carrying, silvery insects particularly like to live near a pantry, where they can obtain food. You may find them in opened flour, cornmeal or sugar containers. Find out what you can do to prevent re-infestation after the professionals at Pest Control Brisbane eradicate these pests from your home or business. While not difficult to control, call us to talk about our silverfish control service.

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