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You will never need a knowledgeable trained bed bugs pest control professional more than when you discover you have bedbugs! Call the top ranked bed bug control experts in the Brisbane area now, Pest Control Brisbane.

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Locally owned and operated, for over 20 years, Pest Control Brisbane professionals are trained to respond rapidly to requests for bed bug control and eradication as we aim to do our part to slow to spread of bed bugs worldwide.

Pest Control Brisbane are the experts people turn to for all types of pest removal from white ant control to snakes, rats, cockroaches, and bed bug control, you can count on us for rapid, effective and discreet pest control services.

No other pest seems to make people’s skin crawl as much as bed bugs. The fact that they feed on human blood, while we are asleep no less, has much to do with their negative image. The bites are usually painless, but many folks are allergic to the enzymes in their saliva that comes in contact with our skin as they feed.
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About Bed Bugs

Bed bug eggs hatch on average in 1-2 weeks depending on the environment. Baby bed bugs (nymphs), are ready to immediately feed on human blood and in fact require a blood meal in order to molt. In warm climates bedbugs can reach maturity in as little as 21 days and take as many as 120 days in colder conditions.

Nymphs are sometimes clear and difficult to see until they are engorged with blood. Overall lifespan of a bedbug is 12 to 18 months. If there are no people around, bedbugs can survive several months without food.

Bed bugs do not like light and are most active at night. Bed bugs can be anywhere, even in the better hotels. Tell tale signs of infestation are specks along the seam of the mattresses. When infestation has continued over time and local population of bedbugs dense bedbugs will be found further from a bed in cracks, crevices, other upholstery and woodwork.
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Avoiding and Preventing Bed Bug Infestation

Signs of Bed Bugs:

• Blood stains (from crushed bedbugs)
• Specks on sheets or mattresses (feces)
• Eggs casings or molted exoskeleton

Avoiding and preventing bedbug infestations can be difficult in hotels/motels and bed & breakfast establishments as there is a constant opportunity for bedbugs to get a ride to a new environment with every guest that checks out. Conducting a close inspection when checking in to a motel/hotel to look for signs of bedbugs and insisting on a non-adjacent room if bedbugs are present can greatly reduce your risk of transporting bedbugs with you. Secondhand beds, bedding, and upholstered furniture should only be acquired with great caution.
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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs


It is a nasty rumor that cold is an effective exterminator for bed bugs or you can kill bed bugs by putting your bedding in a freezer. All of the members of the bed bug family can withstand very cold for long periods.


One of the most effective methods of bed bug control, however, this method cannot usually reach beyond surface. Insecticides, chemical or natural insecticides do not work immediately and are not always effective for all stages of bed bug development.


The most effective method of bed bug control and eradication is steam. The surface area needs to reach 140 degrees to be lethal to bed bugs and bed bugs in the egg stage. Only professional pest and bed bug control businesses have the type of equipment to reach those temperatures.

Our Bed Bug Control Service

If you are beyond prevention and know you have bedbugs, get professional help for bed bug control right away. These are pesky creatures that at best, are extremely difficult to completely remove for the average person with common household appliances. Call Pest Control Brisbane now for Immediate Help.
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