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Your home can become a nightmare quickly but the good news is that it can be dealt with quickly. Just contact the experts at Pest Control Brisbane and receive the quality, local professional assistance you deserve. We are the leader in Brisbane pest control services and we work hard to meet and exceed our customer expectations. We provide clients with a wide range of pest control services in Brisbane.
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Pest Inspection Brisbane

Our Pest Control Services Brisbane team of expert are trained to perform detailed building pest inspections in your Brisbane property. Catching the pests early will ensure your home or business doesn’t have to suffer from a pest infestation, or deal with costly repairs for cleaning and repairs.

Vigilance is the best preventative measure you can take for any building, so why not have a team of qualified pest controllers perform a building inspection? Our Brisbane Pest Control Experts will come out and provide you with a free pest control inspection quote.

Our Pest Control Services will treat the interior areas of your home and ensure that it gets properly aired out afterwards, a process that can take most of a day. Our Pest Inspectors know what to look for during pest inspections and are happy to walk you through the process. These friendly professionals have years of experience in inspecting property of all shapes in sizes to find even the most subtle indications of pest infestations.

Commercial Pest Control

If you have an infestation of pests it’s going to reflect badly on your business and reputation. Our pest control experts can handle all commercial pest control problems you are dealing with from mice in your store room to a cockroach infestation.

We have been discretely providing commercial pest control services in Brisbane for many years, ensuring that each business gets back to a safe and productive workplace quickly.

Residential Pest Control

Our Brisbane residential pest control services include getting rid and protecting your home against pests who will move in to your house and quickly start to gnaw and chew at wires or insulation, resulting in costly damage to your home.

Whether the pests are simply a nuisance or whether they prove to be a real threat to the safety of your home, it's essential to get rid of them quickly.

Termite Inspection, Treatment & Control

Termites can cause significant damage to a property’s infrastructure. If not controlled, the termite colony can eat through your home’s support structure and damage the foundation. Termite colonies should be carefully evaluated by a certified Brisbane termite professional and ongoing termite inspections may be necessary for some properties. 

Termites are attracted to any and all forms of lumber. Prior to receiving a termite treatment for your home, consider removing any excess lumber or construction materials from in and around the home. Limiting the termites access to easy food will help deter them from entering your property.

Existing customers can enjoy a 6 month to 1 year free spot termite treatment. Our termite team will use a variety of methods for initial termite treatment and will employ various preventative measures to keep the problem from occurring weeks or months into the future.


Rats and Rodents chew through ventilation shafts and wiring, damaging the lining of air conditioning systems and can even contribute to spreading fleas in the home. Rat problems, like any infestation, will progressively get worse if left unresolved. Let our Rat Control team get rid of your visitors!


Cockroach populations grow dramatically very quickly and are known to be horrid insects. It is important to call pest control companies that provide expert pest control services quickly to get rid of these nocturnal insects right away.


Fleas are resilient pests and often very difficult to get rid of once they’ve found a home. A small group of fleas can breed very quickly, laying eggs into the carpet and fabric of a home that may take months to hatch. Our Flea control services include fumigation that will kill all the fleas and their eggs. Our Pest Control Services team in Brisbane can discreetly and quickly remove all fleas.
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Bed bugs can enter your Brisbane home at any time and immediately begin breeding. They rely on blood for food and can navigate their way into your bedroom by detecting the co2 that you exhale during the night. Bed bugs are not a nice bug and can cause skin irritation and rashes. To prevent an infestation from occurring or to treat a pre-existing problem, contact our Pest Control Services team in Brisbane on (07) 3073 9245.


For pest control services in Brisbane, contact us on (07) 3073 9245 to get rid of spider problem. Many species of spiders in Australia are very dangerous to humans. Before your home becomes a breeding ground for spiders contact our trusted Pest Control services team.

Pest Control Brisbane Experts

We are well equipped and ready to respond fast when customers need any sort of pest control services. We’ve helped thousands of customers over the years with our ‘do it right the first time’ ethos. From pest inspections in your house or business to combatting a pest infestation that has just started or already full-blown. We are on hand, ready to move quickly and discreetly to get rid of your pests.


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