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We are ready to respond fast when customers need any sort of indoor or outdoor mosquito control. Our mosquito control Brisbane team can manage work in every suburb around Brisbane and we have highly skilled, qualified, licensed on hand to rid you of your Mosquito problem. Whether you’re dealing with fleas, need fly control, have an infestation of rats, or these buzzing biting pests, our pest control team have got the skills to get them gone.

Our Mosquito Control Services


We’ll find the places their breeding, and determine the most efficient mosquito control activity in order to remove them


The next step is to remove the current mosquito infestation.


We’ll tell you how the infestation started, and how to prevent it.
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There’s nothing that ruins a comfortable evening on the porch than the incessant buzzing of those biting flying pests we all know and loathe called mosquitoes.

When you’re having an issue with mosquitoes, one quick call will have our Brisbane pest control professionals out to your home to assess your property and provide a mosquito control treatment plan.

Our local expert Pest Controllers can save you from those itchy red mosquito bites and buzzing sound around your ears. Pest Control Brisbane will be there when you need us, if you’re suffering from a mosquito infestation and needs mosquito control devices to get rid of the problem it’s time to give us a call and take advantage of our free no-obligation quote today! From cockroach control to removing and preventing rodents, there isn’t a job that is too big or too small.
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Mosquito Facts

There are few places in the world where you can escape mosquitoes, and unfortunately Australia isn’t one of them. The environment here is perfect for breeding these midge-like pests. While the anti-coagulant present in their saliva makes bites irritating, they can be a serious problem as mosquitoes have been shown to carry dangerous diseases and noxious parasites.

Even worse, if they are carrying diseases, they’ll quickly spread from host to host as the mosquitoes set out on their twilight excursions to feed on hapless victims such as yourself and your pets. During the day they are mostly at rest, especially in the hot days of summer.
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Preventing Mosquito Infestation

Mosquitoes require rather specific conditions in which to breed, and that means with a little care you can take steps to prevent an infestation in your home. To make sure you don’t need professional Mosquito Control services, take these steps:

1. Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so after a rain make sure to go clear out any places where water has gathered.

2. Be meticulous about cleaning your gutters, these are most often the culprit when a mosquito infestation begins.

3. Remove vegetation that contains the nectar mosquitoes feed on when they aren’t after blood.

4. Like most pests, piled debris can serve as a nesting or hiding place for these pests, make sure they’re removed.

5. If you have water features in your home such as ponds or fountains, be sure they have fish to eat the larvae.
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Why use Professional Mosquito Controllers?

If you’ve been taking special care to prevent a mosquito infestation, but you still wind up scratching and being bit after any time outside, it’s time to take more drastic steps. We can provide you with the next steps to removing a particularly tenacious infestation. Unlike those pests that require a particularly powerful insecticide, there are many botanical or natural mosquito control solutions we can provide that will get rid of your mosquito problem without negatively affecting your animals or family.

The application of these solutions are fairly simple, utilizing a backpack sprayer to distribute the pyrethin based substance.
To make sure that the next generation doesn’t come back to haunt you, we have highly effective larvicides that can be applied to anywhere you have standing water. Once again these mosquito control solutions are largely natural, and can go a long way to making sure you aren’t suffering from yet another mosquito infestation down the road.
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Long Term Solution

When you want them to be gone, and to stay gone, then it’s time to invest in one of our ongoing mosquito control solutions, the mosquito misting system. At several points per day, this low-maintenance system will put out a short spray several times to day, ensuring that your property is protected from mosquitoes for as long as it operates.
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