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Residential Pest Control Brisbane

Pest Control Brisbane residential and commercial pest control services can prevent your home or business from being colonized by termites, ants, mosquitoes, rodents, wasps and other invasive pests. Whether the pests are just an annoyance to you or pose a true health or safety threat to you and your building, we can respond rapidly and efficiently to eradicate pests from your entire commercial or residential property.

Our Residential Pest Control Services


Designed to locate and identify variety and number of pests


Removing existing pests


Designed to prevent re-infestation
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Like most people, your home is probably one of the biggest if not the largest investment you have. It would certainly be a nightmare for you to have your investment damaged or it’s value decreased due to infestations of pests.

Rats, squirrels, mice, ants, and termites, if allowed to establish nests in your house, will soon begin to chew and gnaw on your wiring, insulation, flooring, sub-flooring and can soon cause permanent damage to the very structure of your home. Our pest control services in Brisbane can help can help any home or business to become pest free and stay pest free.

Pest Control Brisbane has highly trained, certified residential pest control experts that will efficiently rid your home of infestation and prevent future invasions of unwanted pests.
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Residential Pest Inspection

The first time our team visits your property we conduct an initial inspection to determine the variety and number of infestations. Our professional residential pest control team will scour your property for signs of ant trails, animal feces, tracks, toothmarks and other tell-tale signs of infestation. If needed our residential pest control professionals at Pest Control Brisbane have access to up-to-date technologies.

Typically, the initial inspection will take 45-60 minutes depending on the dimensions of your property and the severity and number of infestations.
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Residential Pest Control

After the initial inspection is completed, the infestation will have been located and the approximate size of the colony calculated. Next, our residential pest control experts will develop a plan to include the most effective method to eliminate the infestation. We understand that the safety of your home and family is your highest priority, so we go over each plan developed with the home owner and will customize the plan to accommodate your ideals and values.

Pest Control Brisbane works hard to assure that we identify and locate basic causes and routes of invading creatures to stop infestations from recurring. If you prefer human treatment of pests, don’t hesitate to express that to our pest control professional and humane, trap and release or other human eradication methods can be discussed and arranged to meet your needs.
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Residential Pest Prevention

After pests have been removed, it is important to continue to inspect and monitor on a regular basis to assure that pests do not return. We look for cracks and tiny holes that can form new routes into your home or business for pests, and we will address those routes aggressively. A maintenance contract with Pest Control Brisbane residential pest control services will protect your home from pests and assure you won’t have a re-infestation.
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Pest Control Brisbane

Pest Control Brisbane experts are ready to respond rapidly whenever you have a residential pest control issue or you think you might have an infestation. From bed bugs to rats, wasps, and termites we can relieve you of all kinds of pest infestation problems. Our residential pest control experts are the most educated, knowledgeable, and well-equipped pest eradication teams in the industry. We guarantee our work and your satisfaction.
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