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Our Pest Control Brisbane team experts are equipped and ready to respond quickly when customers need any sort of flea and fly control. If you’re suffering from flies or fleas, give Pest Control Brisbane a call today! From pest problems such as mice control issues to cockroach infestations, we are on hand, to move quickly to get rid of your pests.

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Contact the professionals at Pest Control Brisbane for flea and fly control services to get these pests out of your home and protect all the members of your family, from grandma to the four legged variety. We’ll get your problem solved the first time, and you’ll no longer have to deal with these biting scratching pests.

Fleas, for their part, will leave signs of their presence by leaving itchy, irritating bites everyone on your body, especially on your legs. As fleas infest both you and your pets, and carry a parasitic worm they transmit with that bit, especially to your pets, you don’t want to fool around with them.
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These pests are capable of reproducing at high rates when the conditions are right, and such conditions are relatively easy to achieve. Only careful vigilance of these conditions and professional flea and fly control or treatment can ensure that the pests are both gone, and are not going to return.

flea and fly control servicesFleas are a problem that occurs anywhere you find pets, though if you have moved into a home that recently had a pet owner living there, they may have left behind a special gift in the form of fleas. These pests will quickly propogate even in a home devoid of any kind of furry pet, your hair, clothes, and carpet will serve just as well.

The experts at Pest Control Brisbane are ready to come to your home and do whatever it takes, conduct any form of flea and fly control activities to get the fleas and flies out of your home, just contact today for a no-cost, obligation free quote.
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Flies are often thought of as merely a nuisance pest, buzzing around, landing on you and generally just being obnoxious. It’s important to remember that flies feed on rotting and decaying matter, and as such everywhere they go they transmit the worst forms of disease and parasite, including E. Coli, Salmonella, and more.

While most flies are harmless, there are some that can deliver a nasty bite, such as the horse-fly. Others are known for laying their larva in people and animals, leading to rather nasty abscesses and situations that from the merely revolting to the truly horrifying. Make sure your home is safe from these potentially nasty pests by contacting Pest Control Brisbane today, and having our professional pest control technicians come out and assess your Fly Infestation and perform flea and fly control services.
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Flea and Fly Control Services

Fleas or fruit flies and any type of flies can be particularly pernicious pests, burrowing in deep into your carpets and reproducing in places that are hard to locate and find. Our team of licensed professional will take all the necessary steps to find all the places the fleas and flies are coming from, and will use their specialized training to conduct flea and fly control and get rid of your unwanted pests.

The first step is taking advantage of our cost free, no obligation inspection, where we send out members of our team to perform a thorough examination of your property to find out where your infestation is coming from. At that point they’ll start building a strategy to prevent your buzzing little problem from coming back.
Both of these pests can be dealt with similar techniques, making our techniques for flea and fly control equally effective against both these unwelcome visitors. The techniques that we’ll use can include baits, sprays, and insecticide powders, along with highly effective bombs and mists that will get rid of them and keep them from coming back.

To complete the treatment, you have to take your pet to a veterinary doctor to ensure that the fleas that live on your pets have been completely eradicated, and that they can be dewormed if there was an issue. So get our pest control technicians into your home to rid it of fleas and flies by conducting services that deal with flea and fly control, and soon your pet can come home, comfortable and happy.

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From Flies to Fleas to Rodents, Pest Control Brisbane is ready to protect you and your family from these troublesome little creatures. We’ve been recognized as a leader in the pest control industry in Brisbane and the surrounding areas, and we’ve earned a reputation for providing our clients with unparalleled service every time. We continue to be a leader in pest control services in Brisbane and no challenge is too big or too small from Mosquito control to eliminating and eradicating rodent issues or even flea and fly control.

You are just one quick phone call away from being pest free! Call today for a free quote.
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